6 Moons reviewer has high praise for Quadral's top-of-line Aurum Titan VII speaker

At this price I couldn’t think of another which combines this level of music-serving accuracy with such impressive power and pressure. As such this speaker is an open portal to a very direct and emotional connection with the music. The only departure from this in the very positive sense of the word utterly uncomplicated presentation was a minor elevation in the low bass. But even mediocre mastering jobs remained fun and this speaker was simultaneously capable to reach deep on audiophile productions.

* The Titan VIII offers very immediate, emotional and stress-free access to the music. 
* A grand high-pressure presentation without seams. 
* High transparency, precision and resolution never intrude but serve the music as a matter of underlying fact.
* Top dynamics both micro and macro.
* An airy, fine and highly informative treble without nervousness or agitation. 
* Particularly praiseworthy is the accurate rendering of textures and sustains.
* A tonally perfectly even and satisfyingly differentiated midband. 
* Voices and instruments are endowed with just the perfect measure of warmth and natural color.
* A very 'mature' infrasonic authority. The bass is generally perfectly integrated... 
* Involving soundstaging perfectly detached from the boxes. Image sharpness and plasticity aren't extraordinary but solid.
* High fit 'n' finish and high material returns even relative to the not insignificant sticker. 
* Last but not least: very high power handling.