The 2017 Los Angeles Audio Show - The Absolute Sound - Robert Harley on Electronics :BEST SOUND" (cost no object)

USA Tube Audio’s demonstration of the new Lumen White 25 Generation 4 speakers driven by AYON electronics was spectacularly great, with wall-to-wall soundstaging. 

Close your eyes and you’d never know that you were in a hotel room.

Ayon Audio

Ayon Audio distributor presented the world premier of several new Ayon products; I’ll cover just the amplification. The system included the Ayon Spheris III preamplifier or alternately, the S-10 Network Streamer / Preamplifier). 

The all-tube components, housed in gorgeous chromed chassis, fed a pair of Ayon Orthos XS Gen 4 mono amps which drove the new Lumenwhite White Light 25 Gen 4 Anniversary speakers in one of the show’s best-sounding rooms.