ROLE of PREAMPLIFIER - quote by Robert Koch

I read this quote on the value of a good preamp and thought it very succinctly captured my own experience, I have found any system whether analogue and/or digital gains to benefit from the inclusion of a quality preamp if you want to achieve the best synergy from all components, a preamplifier can be considered the heart of the system!

RK: “The role of the pre-amp, even a line stage should never be under-estimated. Aside from volume control, input selection, supporting balanced and un-balanced modes, the pre-amplifier is the bridge between source and power amplifier. For a power amplifier to deliver its true potential, it needs to be driven correctly. For a source component to deliver its best, it needs to be loaded correctly. The pre-amplifier must satisfy both source and destination perfectly while providing total isolation between the two such that there is nointeraction between the two. If it can satisfy these conditions while not adding excessive coloration or interaction of its own making, the system will sonically benefit from such a pre-amplifier immense.
........Robert Koch

We are finding the value of the right preamp within a system is even more relevant with the resurgence of DACs, even those with volume controls etc, we have yet to find a situation where the inclusion of a selected preamp hasn't added increased musical value to the occasion.