The great Single-wire / Bi-wire seaker cable debate goes on...

Thought I would share a recent email to a client who was inquiring about Tellurium bi-wire speaker cable:

Like a number of other cable manufacturers in recent times, Tellurium Q have gone away from offering a bi-wire speaker cable solution.

They and others like Nordost and Yter to name a few, are now saying that Bi-wire was just a Hi-Fi marketing trend that they don’t believe added any genuine value to the outcome.

The idea behind their thinking is that for a given amount of money they can supply a much higher quality single wire cable than by spreading the same cost over making a bi-wire cable, which of course makes complete sense. A typical single wire has about ½ the total cable length of a typical bi-wire, so therefore they can offer a much higher quality of cable in a single wire solution for the same money.

They say their tests amd market experiance now suggest they can offer a better musical outcome if you spending the same budget on a single wire cable and use the same or a similar quality cable link (not the brass links that come with speakers) to create the connection between speaker terminals.

We have challenged many of our clients who were committed to bi-wire to try this and after listening tests most now accept this idea as valid and now most have changed over to single wire when upgrading.

You will find that a number of speaker manufacturers like Sonus Faber and Ktema etc are turning away from bi-wire, Usher have told me that they would rather not have bi-wire terminals, they say the only reason they haven,t change to single-wire is that the market still demands bi-wire it thinking it is somehow better, remember we are talking about very high-end speakers, so they are not going to compromise their designs by going with single-wire if bi-wire was better.

I am sure there will be those who don’t agree, particularly for technical reasons, but my challenge will be, have you actually tried a direct comparison of a same priced bi-wire against a same priced single-wire with same cable links’? I not aware of many who have, and of those who have gone this far, I haven’t found any who still found the bi-wire superior, most tend to have only compared the same model single-wire and bi-wire cables with the bi-wire costing considerable more.

In fact many are finding, just swapping out the nasty brass links that come with speakers for good quality cable links will often mean you can spend less buying a good single-wire cable and be very happy with the outcome.

I invite your comments on your experiance.